Nandrolone – the most commonly used anabolic steroid injector

Nandrolone or 19-nortestosterone is a very popular and formerly very popular synthetic injectable anabolic-androgenic steroid, which is delivered in ester drug-bound form to various carboxylic acids, i.e. organic, in the drug injection form. The world market was first introduced in 1959 by Organon under the name Durabolin. This was the case for nandrolone phenylpropionate. His popularity was later delayed by the ease of finding the metabolite in the urine, and the resulting positive anti-doping tests. Surprisingly, positive athletes are astonished even today, which may, as we say, cause different causes.

Therapeutic application of Nandrolone:

exhaustive disease with negative nitrogen balance, osteoporosis, including that resulting from long-term corticosteroid therapy, convalescence after severe infections of operations and burns, metastatic breast tumors, cytotoxic therapy and radiotherapy,

Personal experiences from bodybuilders:

One adept bodybuilding reportedly used up to 21 ampoules of Nandrolone Decanoate per week (three times a day). The results were not different from other 3 ampoules a week. “No coment”, what I bought on the phone, I “sell” it. Take this information from a big reserve, and do not try it, no one can know what it will do to you. I certainly do not take responsibility for it. You can buy nandrolone and try how many kilograms you can gain after the cycle.

Personally, I recall that during my youth the boys applied 3 injections of Nandrolone per week plus several Stenolone daily, some of whom were very concerned about these doses. They were preparing for a federated district, or normal, regional regiment. Well, at that time no doping was banned and the tests did not exist. It was times, was not it? Also, anabolic was guaranteed to be true. As can be observed today in bodybuilding, the instinct of self-preservation has shifted considerably, sometimes, it seems, is not at all present. There is no need to talk about the dubious quality of steroids coming from the black market.


Nandrolone significantly increases protein synthesis, which is popular in both the volumetric period and the competition preparation, because compared to nandrolone decanoate, it causes much less water retention in the body. Additionally, the gains obtained with nandrolone phenylpropionate are superior and more durable than with nandrolone decanoate. Allegedly, its side effects are slightly weaker.

Abuse Benefits:

Moving in the range of 50-100 mg per dose, ie 150 – 300 mg per week. Naturally, experienced anabolic consumers rarely abuse anabolic-androgenic steroids alone but combine each other. The published data show that most often the doping dose is supplemented either with stanozolol, testosterone propionate, methandienone, oxandrolone or oxymetholone.

Side Effects and Negatives:

This is listening very well. Improving strength, stamina, muscle growth, and joint health are certainly great things, but you also have to look at the other side, and these are side effects. Although nandrolone does not belong among the anabolics with the strongest side effects, it still has relatively enough. Judge alone.

The common occurrence of nandrolone is the emergence of acne. In particular, those who have a predisposition to acne should be alert. It also causes hair loss or the growth of unwanted hair on the body.

Nandrolone suppresses the formation of its own testosterone, which also involves erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. In addition, sporadic cholesterol and gynecomastia, which is very likely to occur with this substance, are occasionally found. Here, especially those who have a high predisposition for the development of gynecomastia should be alert. If the initial manifestations are not captured, it can develop to the point that it will only need to be removed. It also causes the retention of water in the body.

Especial side effects for women

Women experience excessive hair, voice roughness, irregular menstruation, and clitoral enlargement.

Anti-doping tests

Nandrolone has been renowned for its large number of positive anti-doping tests by athletes of varying focus. It is known that the metabolites of this substance remain in the body for a very long time, it is written up to 6 years. Why is this not fully explained, even if the latest research in 2000 shows that it could be a false positivist. In other words: You will be positive, even if you have not intentionally taken any nandrolone, but you did, for example, on the eve of a pork test.

In this experiment, the presence of two nandrolone residues, 19-norandrosterone and 19-norethiolanolone, in urine after consumption of pork [xvi], was confirmed for the first time in humans. Identification was performed using the high resolution gas chromatography/mass spectrometry indicators. These increased concentrations were found 10 hours after eating, returning to normal after 24 hours. Researchers have come to this conclusion: “We have shown that eating untreated male pigs (in which nandrolone is present) could induce some false allegations of nandrolone abuse in anti-doping control.” The athlete can, therefore, be charged with doping 30 years after he has applied nandrolone or never applied if he has given his meat a few hours before testing the animal that has been improved with this product. Illegal use of 19-nortestosterone for the slaughter of cattle has been confirmed many times. While this practice is forbidden in the European Union, this does not mean that the ban is not breached, just like the ban on doping athletes.

Another option for positive anti-doping tests for nandrolone is for pregnant women. Highly sensitive RIA showed 19-nortestosterone in women’s plasma throughout the pregnancy with a maximum of 12-60 pg/ml in the third trimester. No nandrolone, on the other hand, was found in the blood of men and pregnant women. The epinephrine nandrolone alpha epinandrolol was also found in the urine of pregnant sheep.
Evidence of excretion of 19-nortestosterone in endogenous urine origin was also found in male goats. I think this anabolic steroid will still bring us a lot of surprises in the future.

Anabolic characteristics of nandrolone – mechanism of action

Nandrolone is one of several anabolic steroids that have shown a stimulating effect on muscle protein synthesis, at least in laboratory animals. In humans, it was only demonstrated with testosterone and oxandrolone, which certainly does not entitle the scientist to claim that all anabolic steroids have this effect. However, I am thinking of stimulating the synthesis of muscle protein, not any enzymes, for example.
By the way, there is at least one anabolic steroid that, on the contrary, suppresses muscle protein synthesis. In this case, fractional synthesis of uterine and skeletal muscle proteins was significantly reduced in female rats treated with trenbolone acetate [xxi]. This steroid, however, largely suppresses proteolysis (breakdown of tissue proteins), and thus has an anabolic or more precisely anti-catabolic effect [xxii]. This bodybuilder, at least those untested, is using it to prepare for a competition. As a rule, the drawing period is characterized by reduced energy intake, and therefore, under these catabolic conditions, anabolics with anti-catabolic effect can be hypothetically applied.

This issue needs to be addressed with caution, especially in the case of bodybuilding needs, especially when it comes to muscles, although the effect of stanozolol on the connective tissue is not definitely indicated in the indicated cases. From animal experiments, we can argue for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis further with stanozolol (see another article) and nandrolone. For methandrostenolone, I will only have to verify it after providing an original study. So far I know it has an anti-catabolic effect, although without the knowledge of a precise mechanism.